Maestro DOBEL Legacy Series Dinner Party at The Miami Beach EDITION Hotel

Dec 07 2018

Maestro DOBEL Tequila continued its magnificent celebration of Mexican Art, Design, Architecture, Fashion, and Curation, at Art Basel Miami.

A candlelit al fresco cocktail party and dinner curated by The Supper Club for 40 VIP guests, at The Miami Beach EDITION Hotel, honoring Camille Rose Garcia, marked the 7th event in The Legacy Series.

Garcia, a doyenne of the art world, combines tradition and technical virtuosity with a relentless appetite for invention, in her fantastical fairytale world, full of symbolism, pathos and dark satire. She chatted to guests throughout the evening, considering the rich traditions of Mexico and contributions to global contemporary culture, and her plans for 2019, including a new book to be released in March, an animated series, and a lifetime achievement award from the LA Art Fair.

Photo Credit: Mary Spengeman