The Supper Club Diaries

A Valentine’s Day At Home

The Supper Club

As we prepare for Valentine’s Day, whether that’s a weekend of romancing for two or some spectacular pampering for one, let us inspire your weekend in with a few personal tips & tricks on how to elevate and awaken all senses.

Sight & Sound

Before one can truly melt into a moment of indulgence, it must start with ambience. So dim the lights, light those candles and put on that great record...or have Alexa play the best of Billie Holiday.

Taste & Feeling

Now that we’re setting the tone, let’s dive into a bit of decadence.

Run plenty of baths this weekend— pull out those bath salts from favorites like @togathertribe and be sure to bring those candles along.

As the evening unfolds, some show-stopping takeout matched by a dazzling cocktail or bottle of wine is just what love doctor ordered...Be sure to transform that coffee table in style with your best place settings & glassware.

Our drink of choice for the evening?

Cocktail: Courvoisier’s The French Twist
The French Twist is a citrus-forward classic cocktail. The citrus reveals the rich undertones of Courvoisier VSOP and the carbonation lifts the mouth-watering aromas. A perfect drink for elevating your senses!

1.75 parts Courvoisier VSOP Cognac
0.50 parts Orange Curaçao or Triple Sec. 0.75 parts simple syrup
0.50 parts fresh lemon juice
3 parts Fever-Tree Club Soda

Build all ingredients except soda water into the shaker, add ice, shake and strain over fresh cobbled or crushed ice. Top with soda water then garnish.

Double old fashioned glass

Lemon wheel, raspberry


Last but certainly not least, adorn your space with fresh flowers this weekend. Buy a beautiful bouquet from your favorite flower shop and divide it up into smaller vessels throughout your space to fill the air with aromatics. Any loose petals can be sprinkled into your bath!

Above all Supper Clubbers, remember to give plenty of love to yourself, stop along the way to smell the roses, and truly revel in the moment-- this weekend, and always.

Cheers to that!