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The Supper Club & Maestro Dobel Virtual Dinner Series in Los Angeles

The Supper Club Team

We are excited to announce that The Supper Club has partnered with Maestro Dobel Tequila to bring Los Angeles members a wonderful series of virtual dinners on Friday nights, featuring gourmet cuisine and delicious cocktails, delivered direct to your doors - with virtual cocktail receptions taking place on Zoom to kick off the evening’s festivities and keep everyone connected.

We had the pleasure of hosting our first event in the series at Downtown LA’s Manuela and look forward to more virtual soirées ahead, including a virtual dinner at Venice hotspot, The Tasting Kitchen on Friday, May 29th.

Members, please note that virtual events are entirely complimentary and a value add to your membership. Virtual events do not replace any of the events in your existing membership term. We will honor our promise to extend the term on your membership appropriately once city and health officials remove the shelter orders and gathering restrictions, and once we know it is safe.

We look forward to sharing moments with you across our screens in the weeks to come!